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Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan
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Kamehameha Schools
Kapalama Campus
1887 Makuakane St.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tel. (808) 842-8211
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Kamehameha Schools
Philosophy of Education

Kamehameha Schools published its Philosophy of Education in January 2003 after a year-long process. The completed plan is available online here:

Kamehameha Schools Philosophy of Education

Education Programs

Early Education -
Kamehameha Preschools

[Kamehameha Preschools Web site]

Kamehameha Preschools educates 1,100 three- and four-year-olds at 31 locations statewide. These preschools serve specific communities with regional boundaries for eligibility.

The early education program is based on the belief that children learn best with the help of their parents, teachers and peers and through experience with their physical and social environment. Because skill in oral and written communication is necessary for success in school, language and literacy is emphasized. The curriculum also addresses each child's social, emotional, physical, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs.

Performance goals are developed with the understanding that individual children achieve at different levels. Teachers collect samples of each child's work throughout the year to show growth in conceptual understanding and skills development.

Some of the preschools are located on state Department of Education sites. Tuition is not charged to participants at these preschools.

At the preschools entirely funded and operated by Kamehameha Schools, preference is given to children of Hawaiian descent. A modest tuition is charged at these sites. Financial aid is available.

Kamehameha's policy on admissions is to refrain from discriminating against children on the basis of physical or mental disability to the extent required by law.


For more information about applying to Kamehameha preschools, applicants on O`ahu may call 842-8800; Neighbor Island applicants may call 1-800-842-4682 (IMUA) ext. 8800.


Kamehameha Schools is proactively developing into a statewide, multi-campus, multi-program educational system.

O'ahu campus at Kapälama

Oahu (Kapälama) Campus

The original 600-acre hillside campus, on the island of O'ahu, provides an environment conducive to learning. The spacious campus has more than 70 buildings, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and tennis courts. In September, a new athletic complex with a football/soccer field, track and seating for 3,000 will be dedicated.

This campus offers a boarding program, designed to help students attain high academic performance, positive self-esteem, and personal and community responsibility. About 550 neighbor island students are housed in 12 dormitories, 10 for grades 9-12 and two for grades 7-8. While boarding students have ample time for fun and relaxation, designated study and curfew hours set limits on student activities in order to help students focus on their academic studies.

The elementary school consists of eight buildings and also has its own gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, and gymnastics equipment. About 750 K-6 students attend the elementary school.

The middle school, located in the center of campus, is made up of eight major buildings and additional portables to accommodate a student body of 640 seventh and eighth graders. The middle school also has a dedicated gymnasium and sport equipment.

High school facilities for about 1800 students include the Midkiff Learning Center, which has a fully automated library and a collection of 50,000 resource materials, including many rare Hawaiian books. Students also have the benefit of computer facilities, a photographic studio, student graphics production center and a television studio. The technology center offers the most sophisticated Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) system available in a Hawai'i high school. The gymnasium for high school students offers basketball, volleyball and racquetball courts; a dance studio; and weight training, wrestling and gymnastics rooms; as well as a fully equipped fitness center.

The performing arts complex at the Kapälama campus includes a soundproof auditorium, mirrored dance studio, individual practice rooms and classroom facilities for all performing arts classes.

Kamehameha Elementary School

[O'ahu Campus K-6 Web site]

The Kamehameha Elementary School educational program emphasizes the development of the whole child through academics, social skills, the arts, culture, spiritual and physical education.

The curriculum, designed to prepare children for a challenging college preparatory education, emphasizes development of the whole child through academics, social skills, the arts, culture and physical education. Special activities foster cultural awareness and promote social, emotional and spiritual development.

Kamehameha Schools recognizes that character and spiritual development is as important as academic achievement. All students participate in Christian Education classes and attend chapel and devotions.

(Link to Faculty)
(Link to Admission Process, Selection, Tuition, Financial Aid)

Kamehameha Middle School

[O'ahu Campus 7-8 Web site]

(Waiting for information)

Kamehameha High School

[O'ahu Campus 9-12 Web site]

Kamehameha High School is a college preparatory school with a rigorous academic program. Extensive offerings in the academic areas (e.g., English, science), as well as performing/visual arts, and health and fitness, challenge students to think critically and to prepare for college. In addition, the Honors Program offers 20 honors and 11 advanced placement courses in five academic areas. Approximately one-fourth of the high school student body is enrolled in the Honors Program.

Grade-level counselors, college counselors, class advisors, homeroom teachers and other faculty members are available to assist students and their parents in planning a personal education program. Of the more than 442 graduates of the Class of 2000, 100% were accepted by 2-year and 4-year colleges and more than 90% enrolled.

Kamehameha subsidizes about 95% of the cost to educate each student. Families of students pay a modest tuition to cover the remaining 5%. Financial aid is available to students who demonstrate additional need. KS offers its graduates post-secondary scholarships based on financial need and merit scholarships funded by KS and other private sources.

(Graduation Requirements)
(Link to Boarding Program)

Kamehameha Schools Maui

(Link to Maui Web site)

The Maui campus, located in the Upcountry region on the slopes of Haleakalä Crater, opened in August 1999 and currently serves about 130 K-5 students and 150 students in grades six through eight. An additional grade level will be added every year, which will expand the enrollment to a complete K-12 student body of about 1,100 by the 2005 school year. Kamehameha Schools Maui represents the first permanent presence of Kamehameha Schools beyond the island of O'ahu.

Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i

(Link to Hawaii Web site)

Opened in August for the 2001-2002 school year, the first phase of the permanent 300-acre Hawai'i campus, situated in Kea'au, on the east side of the island of Hawai'i, now accommodates students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The campus currently spans 15 acres and includes two classroom buildings complete with science centers, a teen health center, facilities for Hawaiian cultural and language studies and a teacher planning center, and an athletic field.

The second phase of construction, which will include additional student facilities, will allow the Hawai'i campus to expand its enrollment to students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Construction of high school facilities, which include a gymnasium, swimming pool, library/media center, performing arts center and chapel, will occur in phases over the next few years. When complete in 2005, the Hawai'i campus is anticipated to accommodate an enrollment of about 1,120 K-12 students.

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Admissions and Financial Aid

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