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Standards Development Progress Report - to be reviewed/completed by Committee Members


Standards are statements about learning expectations for students. There are two major kinds of standards:

  • Content Standards: What students are expected to know, be able to do, understand and care about.
  • Performance Standards: Specify "how good is good enough"; relate to the issues of assessment that guage the degree to which content standards have been attained.

    An additional type of standard is the Lifelong-Learning Standard, which is a summary description of what students should know/be able to do across a variety of disciplines (e.g., decision-making techniques, time management, study skills). In addition to discipline-specific knowledge and skills, some skills are not strictly content-related, but are found in all aspects of the curriculum. [more]


    1. Standards set clear, high expectations for student achievement.

    2. Standards provide a basis for teacher and student accountability.

    3. Standards promote educational equity because they are intended for all students.

    4. Standards help guide efforts to measure student achievement, improve teacher training, develop more effective curricula and instructional strategies, and allocate resources more efficiently.


Standards Development Process

The development of Standards for the Kamehameha Schools is an inclusive process that will take place over several phases.  Leading this process will be the Standards Committee of the Kamehameha Schools Instructional Planning Project, which is comprised of faculty and staff from all three K-12 campuses (elementary, middle and secondary schools), the Early Childhood Education Division, the Extension Division and other educational programs being designed at the Kamehameha Schools. [more]

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Standards Development Process

Standards Development Progress Report - to be reviewed/completed by Committee Members


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